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Surgery hours

Holiday period

Monday to Friday: 8am – 1pm
Monday, Tuesday: 2pm – 6pm
Thursday: 2pm – 6.30pm

We are happy to schedule teeth cleaning sessions (prophylaxis) mainly from 8am in the morning and from 5pm in the evening.

We hope to minimize any waiting times through good organization of our patients. Please make an appointment by phone.

Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 56 38 16
Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 56 38 81
E-Mail: info@dr-hillenbrand.com

  • 01.04.2024 – 14.04.2024

  • 30.05.2024 – 09.06.2024

How to find us

By subway:

U5 to the final subway station “Laimer Platz“. We recommend to get off at the back of the train, exit “Valpichlerstraße”, approx. 50 meters to the practice entrance on the left-hand side.

By bus:

Metrobus line 51 or Stadtbus line 151, until bus stop “Laimer Platz“,
approx. 50 meters to the practice entrance on the left-hand side.

By tram:

Tram line 19 to stop “Fürstenrieder Straße“, on Fürstenrieder Straße approx. 100 meters in the direction of “Laimer Platz“. The practice entrance is on the right.

Alternatively, one stop with Metrobus 51 / Stadtbus 151 to stop “Laimer Platz“, approx. 50 meters back to Fürstenrieder Straße 48.

By S-Bahn:

Take the S-Bahn to “Laim“, change to the bus in the direction of “Aidenbachstraße” or “Parkstadt Solln” and exit at “Laimer Platz“. It is also possible to walk from the S-Bahn station to the practise, it is about 500 meters from “Laim” in direction to “Laimer Platz” on the right-hand side.

By car:

The practise is located in a bright building complex in “Fürstenrieder Straße” between Agnes-Bernauer-Straße and Gotthardstraße. At ground level there is a row of shops with the entrance to house no. 48 in the middle. The lift takes you to the practise on the third floor. There are “one-hour parking spaces” along Fürstenrieder Straße available as well as free parking spaces in the side streets (Valpichlerstraße).

25 years of experience in treatment, 6 essential plus points for you:



We design a suitable treatment concept for you, tailored to your wishes and needs: We advise you from the simple check of your teeth to complex restoration planning.



We are happy to give recommendations for oral health, dental care and preventative measures such as the restoration of small or superficial tooth damage.


Digital technology

We use the latest Digital X-ray images transmitted by iPad via WLAN. This give us an overview of your entire mouth and jaw bone area in minutes.



With photos we document the initial findings and use these as a basis for planning aesthetic optimization of your teeth, e.g. through whitening treatments, formal and positional corrections or renewal of dentures. Our detailed records also serve as important documents for decisions regarding the long-term course of your treatment.



The restoration of gum diseases and tooth defects is carried out in accordance to the latest hygiene standards.



You will be assisted by our dental technician Mr. Liewald in the neighbouring dental laboratory in all measures that require the use of laboratory technology.

Your benefit

Comprehensive advice

  • Through continuous further training, we are on the cutting edge of dentistry in our team and, at the same time, can offer specialist care right from the initial examination due to our more than 25 years of experience in patient treatment.
  • Due to many years of scientific cooperation with the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich in the field of anatomy / histology we are up to date in the field of dental implantology. This is important when assessing the benefits and possibilities of implant treatment. These will be explained to you on the basis of planning models and digital images.

Cost transparency

  • We will help you to obtain the maximum possible subsidy in advance of your treatment, in additionto detailing all costs.
  • Due to our knowledge and experience in the field of health insurance reports on dental prostheses, we have possibilities to shorten the approval procedures by evidence-based documentation
  • Our cost proposals are based on dental fee’s and the given frameworks by the health insurance companies.
  • In the event of reimbursement problems, we can provide assistance to help obtain the funds to which you are entitled.
  • The actual treatment is carried out gently and quickly thanks to our many years of experience.

Quality dental technology warranty

  • We have negotiated short delivery times with the dental laboratory, which shortens the wearing time of interim restoration/temporary appliances for you.
  • Through digital data transmission to the laboratory and intensive communication with dental technology, we achieve optimum individual adaptation for your new teeth.
  • Your opinion is important to us: Before the integration of new teeth you are involved and asked for your consent. Only if you like it, it will be used.
  • You have a two-year guarantee by the laboratory and afterwards a three-year act of generosity (in accordance with the guideline) on high-quality care.

We guarantee a long-term wearing time!

Biocompatibility - Aesthetics

  • The dental technical materials used comply with the latest standards in dental technology and are extremely well tolerated and hypoallergenic in the oral cavity.
  • For crowns and bridges, we work completely metal-free with zirconium and ceramic materials, which are very tissue-friendly and do not contain any irritants. Therefore, we find completely healthy gums at the edges of the incorporated crowns.
  • There are no signs of inflammation and irritation factors such as metal edges, and the new materials also have a transparency and color effect like your own teeth: the dental prosthesis made by the laboratory becomes “invisible”, you receive:

Naturally beautiful teeth!

Installment payment models

  • In addition to the usual payment periods, we can also offer you convenient instalment payments with individual payment periods via an affiliated billing company.
  • The medical billing company Care Capital offers you the financing of your dental bill with different terms, including up to six monthly installments in partial payments free of interest, in this time we will cover the interest for you due to our good business relationship with Care Capital!

Further information under: carecapital.de

Continuity of care

  • The practice is run for 25 years in Fürstenrieder Straße. The collaboration with the laboratory which is close by is going on for many years. Dental and dental technical care is provided by an experienced team.
  • We have an extensive archive of documentation that facilitates the individual care of our patients through quick access to all treatment procedures of the past.